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Greenman: Sons of Tara

Various Artists

Born half-human, half-faery, Liam could never be entirely part of either world, so Tara, the Spirit of the Earth, took him into her care. For thirteen years, he has lived in the safety of her keep in the Otherworld, learning what magic he can, sheltered from the harshness of the surrounding realms.In the human world, his father, Bracken, faces a cult of madmen and their leader, a twisted monster called Loxias. The cult of the Shattered God is bent on destroying magic, going so far as to plot the capture of the four Elemental Worthies.Liam's quest begins the night that Loxias breaks through one of the sacred henges, and uses stolen spells to trap Tara and claim her power for himself. Now he must find his father, rescue his mother, and find a way to free Tara before Loxias captures the rest of the Worthies and becomes a new and dangerous god.This podcast is a full cast theatrical production of the first book of the Greenman Series by N. K. Schlaudecker